I truly did enjoy my school experience because almost everyone has the same goal (for the student it’s to successfully graduate and pass their board exams ) and I feel almost all of you went above and beyond that to help me achieve just that. So thank you so very, very much.

Leda Berry

I picked this school over a couple others because they were more about education than selling products. It has been a very good experience.

Teyonna Garrett

I really liked everyone at this school! I really feel I got my money’s worth of education. I am moving to Florida and will be taking my test there.

Natlie Aldaher

In talking to hairdresser friends and student who graduated from other schools I know we were taught alot more than just the basics. I know I have to take more classes to be great and I plan on doing that. It’s a good school and a good program. I feel anyone who feels they did not learn did not want to learn.

Sherica Jones

You give the best training!

Suzanne Jones

Day Spa at Elizabeth Salon

At State Board Exam I noticed that all the other candidates were less educated then us; everything we did was much faster and more efficient.

Rebecca Cooper

After being in the field for awhile, I’ve realized we received top notch training.

Albina Brayman

I had a great time at MCB…the instructors are the best. The stylists I work with are surprised with how much I know being right out of school. I think of all of you often.

Entela Muca

My education was the best.  I changed careers so it was very important to me to get started right away. Ms. Ryder sent me on a job interview, I got the job and have been here ever since. I love my job and couldn’t be happier.

Jillian Flowers

My education was very good and I feel very confident that I will pass State Boards…My instructors were great and I liked all the instructors. I also made alot of friends.

Toni-Lynn Dicicco

I was very well trained.  I have my own salon now and would like to hire MCB grads.

Kelli Zakolski

I have more training than most of the people I work with that are also just out of school.

Marija Lleshaj

I’m a MCB Pivot Point graduate.  I completed the program in 1990.  The whole experience for me was exceptional.  The confidence I gained was incredible.  It certainly gave me what I needed to succeed…At my salon, we have hired many students from MCB who are knowledgeable and confident in their skill and themselves.  We will continue to hire and support the up and coming students in the future.

Anne Marie Boyce

Act II Salon and Spa

MCB has the best curriculum out of all the Cosmetolgy schools. I researched other schools and I also talked to alot of people in the industry. They also recommended MCB because of the Dermalogica skincare line that is used and taught in the school. I love this product.

Candice Carr

Amazing School! They went over everything I needed to know to get my license and a job. I got hired as an assistant right away. Made great friends.

Nazish Azam

So grateful to still be in contact with one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had the privilege to learn from! Thank You Carol Ryder for everything you’ve taught me and for still continuing to influence my career in a positive way! She is one of the most inspirational and influential people I’ve ever come across in life. Thank you! xox

Alexandra Mansoor

I am now the head Chicago educator for Dermalogica.

Rachel Shortt

After I started working, I realized what a good education I’d received compared to others.  Being Dermalogica trained was also a big plus.

Regina Dawson

Having gone through an apprenticeship first…couldn’t pass State Board exam.  I decided to attend MCB.  I’m learning so much.  It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

E. W.

I received my education & training at MCB 10 years ago…Today, I am a Rusk Hair Color Business Development Educator…I work in a salon behind the chair by appt. only…I travel and do hair and fashion shows.

Satori Tharp

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