Student Performance Rates

To assist you in making a smart decision and to ease your concern regarding enrolling in any of our training programs
we want to inform you that according to our NACCAS annual report for Calendar year 2023

Completion Rate-72.26%
Licensing Rate- 92.13%
Employment Rate- 76.66%

State of Michigan/ Other States Licensing Requirements

Michigan College of Beauty-Troy programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring and Instructor Training does meet the state requirements to allow graduates from these programs to sit for their State Board exam. All our programs curriculum meets or exceed the State of Michigan requirements.  The State of Michigan hourly requirement is met or exceeded by our Programs.    The State of Michigan requires the completion of a 1500-hour Cosmetology program and our program meets that requirement with 1500 hours.  The State of Michigan requires the completion of a 400-hour Esthetics or Manicuring program and the program we offer is 600 hours.  The State of Michigan requires a 500-hour program in Instructor Training and the program we offer is 600 hours. Upon passing the State Board Exam students will receive their license.

Each state has different licensing requirements, and some states accept the State of Michigan hours and some states do not.  We recommend that if you are thinking about relocating to another state after Graduating from Michigan College of Beauty with or without your Michigan State License, you contact the state board in that State.

2023 Campus Crime Report
Grievence Policy

During the course of training, legitimate concerns or objections may arise. Should this happen, the student should adhere to the following procedure:

  • Discuss the matter with his/her instructor, in efforts to resolve the matter.
  • Address matter to the Manager, only after failed attempt with the instructor
  • Notify the school owner by letter, only after failed attempts with the Manager.

The letter should be mailed to: 3498 Rochester Rd, Troy, Mi. 48083. Attn: Mr. D

Only after following the above procedure to resolve the problem, the student may further pursue the matter with the State Board of Cosmetology at 517-373-1820 or register a complaint at

(248) 528-0303

3498 Rochester Rd.
Troy, MI 48083

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